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Uber Suspends in Toronto

Uber Suspends in Toronto

Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times following Toronto’s decision to freeze new licences – and now it appears they’re correct, with the average price tag jumping by over 100% by March 20.

Uber has suspended new bookings in Toronto and across Metro Vancouver following a change made by the B.C. government to its licensing programme.

Since the freeze was imposed, the average Uber price in BC has jumped by 34-percent and the average wait time has increased by 50-percent, according to an Uber spokeswoman. A driver will now be paid $23 for their hour of work, a $7 charge added to the taxi rate, Uber also adds that the number of active drivers in the GTA has decreased by over 10,000 in the week following the suspension of booking. During the same week, the number of drivers in Metro Vancouver has decreased by over 300,000.

Uber continues to offer ride-hailing services to drivers who have valid permits for Uber, including those who were in the process of obtaining permits before the freeze was enacted.

That said, drivers are asked to keep in mind the surge of cars on the roads during peak hours. There’s always a huge number of taxis, the demand for Uber has increased dramatically in the past few weeks and drivers may run out of time.

As we reported from the streets of Toronto on January 10, Uber is currently working to find a solution.

“The decision to suspend Uber in Toronto comes after several meetings with the city, which determined that city licensing policies were not aligned with the needs of a growing ride hailing industry,” Uber said in a statement. “We have been clear that we understand and respect the government’s commitment to make sure the ride-sharing industry is safe and has a positive impact on the city. We believe it has to happen at the state level.”

Uber’s suspension in Toronto is in an effort to find a solution through dialogue, not through a knee-jerk reaction to a move by the provincial government.

Meanwhile, Uber drivers are gearing up for the weekend, with many already being turned down by customers who seem to be in a sour mood after a recent election campaign.

Uber has been the most popular U.S. ride-sharing service over the past several weeks. As of October, 4.2 million rides were taken on Uber.

This weekend, however, Uber will be taking

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