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The Men Who Walked Out of a Jewelry Shop

The Men Who Walked Out of a Jewelry Shop

New clues in Brink’s heist mystery? Video shows ‘suspicious’ men at jewelry show

A video showing two men in disguises buying and selling jewelry on eBay has raised more questions than it answers.

A jewelry shop manager, on the other hand, says the men he saw were clearly scam artists who were trying to sell their jewelry at bargain prices.

“I just watched my manager give them jewelry and then I watched them sell it,” says the manager of the store, who also sells other types of goods on the street.

But he says it wasn’t the first time he’s encountered them.

“We have to put something in writing that we will not tolerate that,” he tells ABC station KOMO.

“They came in and asked me to buy something for them. And I was like, ‘Yeah, okay, whatever,’ and then they gave me some jewelry,” he claims.

But he says when he confronted the men, who he says didn’t speak English, he asked that they leave.

“They were just acting like they had the right to speak to me and I’m like, ‘No, it’s illegal. I don’t have the time for this,’” he says.

KOMO’s reporter caught up with the men who left the shop in a nearby alley and filmed their departure for a documentary that is airing on KOMO tonight at 9:30.

So has anything changed since you first saw the men walking with the other shop employees?

Yes. I think they have realized they are not going to get anything from us anymore now that we are on the national news.

What happened when you caught them with their boxes?

The two men were walking out of the store. We grabbed them. I tried to tell them they need to leave. They were acting like they had the right to speak to me and I want to get rid of the situation with them.

The manager tells me you had the men in handcuffs outside the store until the police arrived. Did you make a complaint?

I did. They were put into cuffs.

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