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St. Anthony Police suspend investigation into assault at Idaho convenience store

St. Anthony Police suspend investigation into assault at Idaho convenience store

Cops investigating Idaho stabbings say stalker tips unproven

A St. Anthony Police detective has suspended the investigation into whether two St. Anthony men assaulted a man Wednesday at an Idaho convenience store, citing “insufficient evidence to make a conclusion.”

St. Anthony Sgt. Randy Wylie said detectives have talked to three people who they believe may have information about the investigation. Two of those sources have now been eliminated from the investigation, Wylie said.

They have not spoken with the third, according to Wylie, who added that investigators are still checking to see if the witness will contact police to provide more information.

Wylie said St. Anthony police don’t have any additional evidence as to the investigation’s progress, and the investigation has not been closed.

“We’re still in active investigation,” he said. “Everything has been checked out, there’s no information that we know for sure was tampered with, like surveillance video that’s not here.”

Wylie also said there’s not enough information to suggest a motive behind the attack, but police have no additional evidence to suggest that a motive exists.

“It’s kind of frustrating that we still don’t have a motive,” Wylie said.

Police said a man was walking into the Jackrabbit Pharmacy on State St. in St. Anthony Wednesday afternoon when he was punched and knocked to the ground by two men.

“It appeared to be unprovoked,” said Lt. Steve Hensley of the St. Anthony Police Department.

The man, who Hensley described as in his mid to late 20s, was taken to St. Anthony Memorial Hospital, where he was treated.

Police are now working to determine if the attack was random or part of a specific pattern.

Wylie said police don’t have evidence of any other similar incidents reported to police at the company.


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