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Pelosi’s campaign says she is not being targeted in indictment

Pelosi’s campaign says she is not being targeted in indictment

Federal grand jury indictment reveals new details in attack on Paul Pelosi

Revealing new details in the attack on California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, an indictment handed down Tuesday by a federal grand jury alleged the California Democrat had her “fingers” in her “mouth” when she was nearly killed by a violent man she was holding a baby with.

In a four-page indictment handed down by a federal grand jury, the man who was indicted was identified as John Doe No. 1. He, along with John Doe No. 2, who also was indicted, appeared in court last Thursday to be formally arraigned and sentenced to two years in prison following their guilty pleas.

John Doe No. 1 and John Doe No. 2 are two of 14 alleged ringleaders who were indicted by a federal grand jury for various violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The indictment was returned on Nov. 10 in Washington, D.C., where John Doe No. 1 was arrested by U.S. marshals. John Doe No. 2 was arrested in Los Angeles, California, in November.

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Paul Pelosi was seriously injured in the attack when a stranger, who called himself a “professional boxer,” punched her in the face, her face-lift scarred and nearly broke her jaw

The indictment alleged that the “professional boxer” punched Pelosi in the face and head, breaking her jaw and breaking her cheek, fracturing her eye socket and rupturing her retina.

Despite the injuries, Pelosi was able to walk away from the attack, according to the indictment. The assailants fled the scene on a motorcycle that had been stolen a day prior.

But more harrowing details of the attack became known last week, after Pelosi’s attorneys obtained a copy of the federal grand jury indictment.

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The indictment reveals the name of the man who punched Pelosi in the face and head, as well as his phone number. It is also one of several pages of evidence that was produced by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office that detailed the attack in detail.

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