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Kevin Abstract’s wife says she’s in mourning after her husband died

Kevin Abstract's wife says she's in mourning after her husband died

Medical examiner’s office determines Migos rapper Takeoff’s cause of death

2 years ago

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At a coroner’s inquest on Saturday, the musician’s ex-father-in-law and a friend said he died of a cocaine overdose, while prosecutors claimed he died of an overdose of painkillers.

An Ohio medical examiner said in March that the rapper, whose real name is Kevin Abstract, was killed by an overdose of a combination of cocaine and prescription drugs.


His body was found on July 14 at his home in Athens, Ohio, and his attorney says he was found unconscious with a needle still in his arm.

“It’s an overdose, but it’s not a death by overdose. It’s an overdose and now we have to determine the cause of death,” attorney Mark Geragos told CBS station WBNS. “It’s a real mystery. It’s a real mystery at this point.”

“When you have a coroner’s inquest, you know how close we are to the truth, because the coroner’s inquest is a public hearing,” Geragos said. “Not everyone is going to agree, but with the coroner, you just have to have the presumption of innocence, and then it’s not that hard to say what happened.”


The coroner’s inquest was held on Saturday at the Athens County Morgue in Athens. It was not immediately clear if the verdict would be released.

When approached by WBNS on Saturday, the coroner and the medical examiner’s office refused to comment on the case.

Migos was last featured on the Billboard 200 chart with his album “Cypher,” released last September. He had been at the top of the charts for two years straight.

Migos, 36, died on June 19 from complications of an overdose.

His ex-wife, Tameka Cleyer, released a statement to BET shortly after her husband died. It said she and her two children have been in mourning since the news broke.

“I’ve been in love with him since we were 16 years old,” she said. “I have loved him with all my heart, and now forever, he will be missed.”

Prosecutors, meanwhile, said they believe Migos died of an overdose of painkillers

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