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Christopher and Jayden Lee are finally allowed to be together

Christopher and Jayden Lee are finally allowed to be together

Chrisley children get biblical in defense of their parents after prison sentencing

Christopher and Jayden Lee are finally allowed to be together. The former foster parents of a 13-year-old girl who was molested by a Catholic priest.

On Monday, it was Chrisley’s turn in court to appear before the judge charged with sentencing them to 25 years in prison. Jayden, in handcuffs, sat beside her mother, Chris, as her attorney, David Chesnoff, read a statement supporting her. Jayden’s eyes were as dry as salt flats as she listened to the judge’s sentence saying they had been given “one more day to spend together.”

“What more can I say? I can say more,” she said through tears as Chesnoff asked for her forgiveness.

They finally get to be together, maybe not in the future, but now, for the first time in a decade, they can say they’ll be together “forever.”

“I do not want to be separated from her,” Chris said through teary eyes.

“I do not want to be separate from her,” Jayden said through tears too.

“I want to say I love you and you will always be in my heart,” Chris said through tears.

“I want to say I will always love you,” Jayden said.

The couple were both held without bail, and spent two nights in the county jail when they appeared on the final day of the judge’s sentencing, a Tuesday afternoon.

They have spent the past month in the same jail because they were convicted last year of misdemeanor neglect of a dependent after they didn’t take the girl, who went back and forth between a series of foster parents, to court on her first-degree misdemeanor charges brought by Child Protective Services.

Their attorney said he would ask in court that they be granted bail, but Chesnoff said he would fight to have them continue to be

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