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4 Days to Save the World: A look inside the show’s secretive origins

4 Days to Save the World: A look inside the show’s secretive origins

WATCH: ‘4 Days to Save the world’ was a reality show with big ambitions. See a preview of the Star’s investigation into how the project came to be.

The film was announced at the end of last year, and was supposed to take place sometime this year. That was until it had to be moved from its scheduled start date, when it was supposed to be in theaters on January 18, according to a source with knowledge of the project.

Sources say the reason the film was pushed back until February is because it wouldn’t have been possible to find enough crew to film it. However, the film was still in production at the same time.

The source tells The Star that the delay was not an accident and had everything to do with the fact that the film was just as big as the people behind it were.

“The show’s production director was told to take a deep breath, do what everybody else does after such a big project and stop working until there was a crew at the movie set,” the source said. “That’s how it turned out.”

The Star reached out to a number of people who are connected to the production for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

4 Days to Save the world: A look inside the show’s secretive origins

4 Days to Save the world is the true story of how one man transformed a documentary into a blockbuster. It is the story of how Aljazeera Films, producers of the doc ‘4 Days to a healthy life,’ found a way to make money on a project that was meant to address a lack of access to clean drinking water on the South Sudanese border.

The film, which is loosely based on the book by journalist and filmmaker Charles Glass, follows a group of seven South Sudanese families who are desperately trying to prevent the spread of cholera, and it features numerous interviews with South Sudanese residents.

When the film made its debut at Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, it was billed as a “documentary” and was hailed as a positive story for the country.

“South Sudan has been fighting for its independence for years,” producer and director of the film Aljazeera Films, Hany Almaki Adewale, told The Star.

“But the only way they’ll get out is to

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