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Yeezy’s re-branding could be a way to sell more Yeezy products

Yeezy’s re-branding could be a way to sell more Yeezy products

Three likely outcomes for Yeezy products: destroy it, rebrand it, export it.

Yeesha, the self-styled “Queen of The West Coast,” has sold her entire inventory of YEEZY products at retail locations in California, Florida, and Texas following the demise of the original Yeezy brand.

Her Yeezy-branded merchandise was purchased for between $6,000 and $7,500 per pair. She reportedly went to a number of retail locations — like the West Hollywood and Los Angeles locations in which Yeezy’s “Queen” Yeezy sneakers were once sold.

The store’s manager told the outlet there was nothing to see.

“There’s nothing that we can see that’s different,” the manager said.

Then there’s the possibility of wholesale to retail re-branding of Yeezy’s remaining stock — which would likely be sold at a retail price around $150 each.

Other retailers like the J. Crew and Tysons Corner locations have already received Yeezy’s wholesale stock.

“[Yeezy] had the original Yeezy and he had a lot of loyal customers that said they didn’t have a good time with the original Yeezy,” said a Yeezy spokesperson in a press release. “Since he passed away at the end of November 2017, those loyal customers have been wanting to purchase more Yeezy pieces.”

To replace Yeezy, retailers are likely to do as they did in the late 1980s when they began selling the brand at department stores. When a popular shoe disappeared, they shifted the inventory to smaller retailers that would likely be more likely to carry the brand’s new price point and to have the name recognition that would carry a larger portion of their customer base. They would also likely take advantage of the newly expanded market for YEEZY.

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