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The search for residents in the province continues

The search for residents in the province continues

Search for those swept away by Ontario floodwaters during storm comes up empty, as residents in more than a dozen communities wait on evacuation papers

It has taken the longest search in memory to find people swept away by flooding as rivers threatened to unleash their banks on this week, and only now, nearly two weeks after the storm, have they been found.

But it could be another week until all the residents of more than a dozen communities are found, and many will remain without power as electricity supply is restored at varying rates across the province.

Here’s what’s happening now with the search for residents.

Terrace Ridge

Samantha and her husband had just left their rented home with their daughter and grandchild, when the flash floods engulfed it.

“When I saw the lights go out and the electricity go out, we knew there was an issue, so we started calling and calling,” she said.

In between calls, her husband and daughter had already been swept away.

“I was trying to save some of my clothing, but I couldn’t get my phone signal, so I lost control of my car and ended up in the garage, and my husband and his car were on top of me,” she said. They were quickly rescued by a fire crew.

“He came in within a day and said that we did it, and he was really proud of us. At least he gave me a hug when we got to the hospital.”

Samantha’s husband and daughter are just back home now. Her husband has his eye on their daughter’s new baby girl.

“We tried to contact the homeowner, but he hadn’t replied to anything,” she said. “They had a flood event on Tuesday, so the power went out on Tuesday, Wednesday, so I don’t think they were aware the power was even out.”

While it’s difficult to find people to thank, it’s worth noting Samantha’s husband, who owns a boat, has received a new boat that cost about $10,000.

“I’m so proud to be able to say I have a husband and my husband is so proud of me, and he’s willing to support me. It’s really been a wonderful thing,” she said.


One of those swept away was Lisa Hodge, a nurse who had to swim out of

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