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The massive fire at Danny Ocean’s concert in Mexico State left at least one person dead and seven injured

The massive fire at Danny Ocean's concert in Mexico State left at least one person dead and seven injured

At least 1 dead, several others injured at Danny Ocean concert in Mexico State

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EAST ODESSA, Mexico — A massive fire broke out near a concert venue in Mexico State, as people were attending the headlining concert by rapper Danny Ocean.

The blaze at Danny Ocean’s sold out concert came after two massive explosions that shook the crowd at the venue in the northeastern Mexico state Saturday night. The blasts occurred at the entrance to the venue shortly before 11 p.m. Friday.

The concert, a benefit for the victims of the drug war, was also attended by rapper Nicki Minaj. After the explosions, a large police contingent had to be called in to help control the people in the chaotic scene.

The fires started in the parking area and quickly consumed most of the structures in the area. At least one person was killed in the blasts.

The concert venue was evacuated and the concert canceled.

Police said some people were treated for smoke inhalation and a few were treated for minor injuries. Local media reported that several homes were also damaged by the fires.

At least one person was killed and seven were injured in two blasts in a parking lot outside the venue where Danny Ocean was performing, the city’s mayor said.

Mexico State Gov. Humberto Moreira said he was “gravely concerned” by the blasts that rocked the crowd outside the venue.

The mayor of the city, Jorge Moreno, told CNN the explosions shattered windows at a nearby supermarket and left the area filled with smoke and falling debris, but no injuries were reported.

He said there was a possibility of more blasts, but he did not know if they would happen.

“We are trying to search for more damages in the neighboring area,” Moreno said.

Moreno said that after the initial blast, several people emerged from the smoke and were taken to hospitals as a precaution.

The mayor said there were no signs of anyone being injured inside the concert venue itself, but the venue was evacuated and some people were sent to another area of the city.

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