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Palestinian soldier killed in Gaza

Palestinian soldier killed in Gaza

Palestinian militant group accuses Israel of killing fighter

An online post accused Israel of killing a Palestinian fighter during the course of a military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The militant group, Hamas, published the post on its Twitter account with details on the alleged death of the soldier and a photo of his body.

R. Al-Qawasmi, a member of Hamas’s security coordination bureau, made the accusation on Wednesday afternoon. The photo showed the body of a man lying on a hospital bed. He used the hashtag #QawasmiAlHaq to share the post.

The post called on “anyone who knows the truth” to come forward. The photo showed the soldier with “two-thirds of his body missing.”

Al-Qawasmi said that the man was a member of the Hamas security coordination bureau, known by its Arabic acronym, “Al-Qassam Brigades.”

“Al-Qassam were the ones defending the people of Gaza from the Zionist entity’s attacks,” he said in a statement.

The Israeli military responded angrily.

Israel’s Ministry of Public Security said: “We have investigated this and no one was killed in Qassam Brigades fighting positions. We will investigate further to find out who really killed someone on Palestinian territory.”

‘Killing of a Palestinian man’

The original post was deleted before publication, but it was republished by Hamas’s official media network on Thursday afternoon.

“The world media keeps repeating the lies and misreporting of the Zionist entity’s crimes – which were committed on Palestinian land,” al-Qawasmi said.

“The Zionist entity’s crimes include the killing of Palestinians including the martyr’s family, the seizure of land and the displacement of the Palestinian people,” he said. “Al-Qawasmi added:

“In this instance we

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