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Maren Underwood reveals her costume for Halloween

Maren Underwood reveals her costume for Halloween

Maren Morris has a Halloween costume in mind thanks to Tucker Carlson’s insult of the ‘glamour of violence,’ and she’s sharing her idea with the world on Facebook and Instagram.

The singer-songwriter revealed her costume on Monday – which is very different from Tucker Carlson’s – which she plans to wear with a “bloodstained leather handbag.”

“This is the outfit I will wear tonight at the Halloween Party,” the 17-year-old wrote in a note. “Tucker is going to make fun of me and my outfit. I want to walk out in my leather pants, boots, and a leather bra. I will also have bloodstained handbags that have been used in a fight.

“I will be barefooted, but wearing my black patent leather pumps from Urban Outfitters.”

The fashionista has had several costume ideas to wear next Halloween since she launched a clothing line with her mother, Carrie Underwood, and her husband at the end of last year.

“I don’t think Halloween is over for me yet as I will be wearing my new Halloween costume again this year! I am so excited to wear my new boots! I can’t wait to wear my new leather handbag! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for tons of pictures!!”

The ‘D-Train’ singer admits she doesn’t really know how she’ll fit into her costume, so she’s not sure if she’ll look like a zombie or a vampire.

Maren’s costume does have a downside, however.

“I am not sure how I am going to wear this costume with a huge gold hoop in my nose and a bloody handbag that has been used in a fight,” she writes.

“Also, this seems like a big ol’ pain in the ass to wear with my new shoes for the first time.”

Maren is also wearing an “I Love You, Mom” sweatshirt for this time of year.

She has been wearing her makeup on a regular basis during 2019.

She has already taken the stage in front of the cameras several times and performed, including at an

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